Michael Dell Doesn’t Want You To Buy His Netbooks

I get it and I don’t get it. Netbooks are the Pandora’s box of computer manufacturers. They all jumped on the bandwagon to enter the market once Asus launched the phenomenon. They couldn’t not compete in that market. That said, many have spent time poo-pooing Netbooks because they fear the dent it will make  in their higher end sales.

Michael Dell has done this before and he’s at it again speaking at a recent event. Here’s what he had to say.

Take a user who’s used to a 15-inch notebook and then give him a 10-inch netbook. He’ll say ‘Oh, this is so cool, it’s so lightweight.’ Then 36 hours later he’ll say the screen’s not big enough, give me my 15-inch back.

On many levels you can’t argue with that point, but in the category of wanting your cake and eating it too, Dell and those who talk down Netbooks need to seriously look in the mirror when it comes to their own marketing. On the one hand they are responding to what they think consumers want (they wouldn’t make Netbooks if they weren’t selling them), and on the other they are extremely unhappy at having to do so. The simple answer is to clarify how all of their devices are marketed, but then that would threaten the low end and undercut that investment.  It really is a trap of their own making.

Via GigaOm