Mickey Segal: Where Is The Love For Tablet PCs?

MIckey Segal is a great friend of GBM and has been writing and using Tablet PCs from the get go. As the founder of SimulConsult, which makes decision-support software to assist with medical diagnosis, Mickey’s stump speech about Tablet PCs has been about mobility and what it can offer health care professionals. You might remember MIckey’s search for the perfect pocket to carry the perfect device in while out and about. In this article Mickey is revisiting some of the early predictions that were made about Tablet PCs and how they are used in the niche he works in. I think he nails the condundrum that is Tablet PCs really well.

When tablet computers were unveiled six years ago, it was predicted that they would be widely adopted in medicine. How have such predictions held up? It is hard to tell. Observing what happened is not the uncertainty; the issue is that technology has changed so much that it’s hard to fi gure out what the original predictions actually meant. For those who imagined doctors talking with patients while writing on notebook-size slate tablets resting on their laps, their predictions have fallen short. Part of the reason is that computerization has advanced more slowly in medicine than in other industries.   Another factor is that many of the doctors who use computers do so by sitting at a desk and typing on a keyboard and looking at a screen instead of looking at the patient.

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Note the Mickey wrote the article using a Motion Computing LS800 while on a plane, “because it is easier to use a slate while away from a desk.”