Microsoft Rejects Windows Phone 7 Mango on Tablets

At the Worldwide Partners Conference in Los Angeles, California, Microsoft’s Andy Lees reiterates what the company had said in the past that the Windows Phone 7 OS, and its Mango update, will be reserved strictly for phones and will not be deployed on tablets. Lees says that Microsoft views tablets as PCs, and having a consumer OS on a tablet is not in line with Microsoft’s vision for the product. The company says that consumers expect to do more with their tablets rather than just consume content.

Although Microsoft remains true to its original vision of a tablet as being a fully functional PC, the company’s tablet PC idea was no more than a niche market in the market place that was quickly eclipsed by the iPad despite the more limited features of iOS. When Steve Jobs announced the iPad 2, the Apple CEO mocked the tablet PC market by saying that in 9 short months, Apple had outsold about a decade worth of tablet PC sales.

The company has recently introduced Windows 8 tablet as a preview, but it remains to be seen whether or not Windows 8 will be well received in the market place. The new user interface of Windows 8 borrows from Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI with the live tiles, so elements of Windows Phone 7 will make it to the tablet, but for now Microsoft is reserving its mobile OS strictly for phone use.

Via: Electronista