Microsoft To Pursue A New Name for Netbooks?

Just when things settle down a bit with regards to the whole netbook naming thing, here comes Microsoft trying to muddy things up again.

According to a report from Digitimes, Microsoft is aiming to change the term for netbooks since most of them do more than just browse the internet – thus the reason for changing the term to “low cost small notebook PC”, according to Steven Guggenheimer, general manager of the Application Platform and Development Marketing at Microsoft. Makes total sense to me….

Apparently Guggenheimer will share his reasoning for this odd thinking during a keynote later today.

Yeah, I can envision the following “Hey Rob, I want a low cost small notebook pc. But I do more than surf the internet, so I don’t want a netbook ok? Can you help me?”. I reply, “Oh, you mean the LCSNPC? Sure.” Yeah, I can definitely see that happening….

Please Microsoft, leave a good thing alone. Thank you.

Microsoft plans to redefine mini-notebooks that Intel has categorized as netbooks with a new term — low cost small notebook PC, according to Steven Guggenheimer, general manager of the Application Platform & Development Marketing Division at Microsoft.

Guggenheimer pointed out on June 2 in Taipei during Computex 2009 that since some of the mini-notebooks already feature capabilities more than just purely Internet browsing — which is the main purpose of the netbook — therefore the term netbook should be abandoned.

Microsoft declined to comment on the speculation, saying Guggenheimer would provide more details of the strategy while delivering a keynote speech at the company’s Computex forum on June 3.