Microsoft: Would You Buy a Surface for $1499?

image Long Zheng uncovered a Microsoft survey asking for input into a consumer-based Surface type of computer called ““Oahu” that sits on a table-top, is embedded into furniture, even in a counter top.

Here is some intro text on Oahu, but head over and checkout some of the survey questions for much more detail:

The following questions refer to a computing device called ““Oahu” that has an innovative multi-touch screen. Oahu is a flat screen that sits horizontally like a table top. You can interact with Oahu by touching the screen, instead of using a mouse, and more than one person can interact with Oahu at the same time. You and others can move objects on the screen with your hands and touch icons to open up programs, games, or music. People using the device can also use their fingertips to expand and shrink objects on the screen. The screen recognizes people’s hand movements and touches and reacts accordingly. You can bring up an on-screen keyboard to input information. Oahu also works with other devices (such as digital cameras, cell phones, and MP3 players) by getting information from or sending information to them. Oahu is on with no waiting time to start up.

Long further enlightens regarding the name ““Oahu”

For those who are curious, the name ““Oahu” has some symbolic meaning. Besides being the name of the Hawaiian island – home to Honolulu, Pearl Harbour and Lost, it is indirectly translated as ““The Gathering Place““. Fitting as the Surface computer encourages multiple people to interact at the same time.