Mobile Conundrum: One Device or Multiple Devices?

gadgets-arrayThe quest for a “one device to rule them all” probably still exists for many who like to consume or create their data on the go. I have to admit, it still does for me. But, with the coming wave of eBook readers, multi-touch PMPs, the rebirth of UMPCs, and other small mobile devices, it looks like consumers have lots of choices and those choices include just how many devices they will choose to use for their needs.

The question this brings to mind is a simple one. Do you want “one device to rule them all” or are you content/happy/thrilled/satisfied to do your mobile chores on multiple devices? I know several folks who have Kindles and they love the devices. But I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on a purchase of that device because I can read eBooks on my iPhone. Of course there already exist many platforms for eBook reading, and it looks like we will have more in the days ahead. Some will have more functionality than others and differentiators will be keys to some and not others.

The same could be said of navigation. I never went in for a stand alone GPS device preferring to use what I could on whatever smartphone I was using at the time. Were those solutions as good as the stand alones? Probably not in most cases. But they got the job done.

So much of this comes down to personal preference and in many ways that’s what creates the markets for entire ranges of devices. Think for a second and give us some feedback on how you view your mobile scenario. Are you a “one device” or  multiple device person?