Mobile Workforce Trends: Productivity Knows No Bounds [Infographic]

We are truly a mobile workforce. While many employees still need to go in to the office to meet the demands of their employer, three out of five employees claim they can do their job without going into the office.

That’s just the start, Gist, analyzed data about our mobile work habits to pull together an interesting infographic about mobile work trends and productivity.

As the mobile workforce takes off, web email access has dropped 6% while email use on mobile phones has jumped by 36%. Given the horrid performance of web-based email in any browser other than Internet Explorer, and the email optimized apps for all smartphones, it’s no surprise that this shift happened in under a year.

The infographic is chock full of interesting data, including where workers feel most productive, the fact that a third of mobile workers use more than one mobile device and the trend towards employer purchased devices.

Mobile workforce infographic - Gist

Mobile workforce trends

Despite the trends and the clear productivity gains for a large number of workers, many employers still won’t embrace mobile productivity. In some workplaces, even the occasional request to work from the coffeeshop or from home during bad weather is turned down.

If you are trying to convince your employer to embrace the mobile work style, I highly recommend using the tactics from The 4 Hour WorkWeek by Tim Ferriss.

The title may turn you off at first, but I assure you this book has more in it about productivity and convincing your employer to embrace a mobile work style than you know.

Via Mashable