MobileMe to iCloud Migration “Move Error”

As Apple rolls out updates to OS X 10.7.2 Lion and iOS 5, MobileMe users can now migrate their account over to iCloud and get a free 25GB account till June 30, 2012. Unfortunately, the migration fails for some users. The weight of millions of Apple customers downloading updates and setting up their iCloud accounts seems to be taking Apple’s new data farm to its knees.

If you want to move you can try things out at but here’s the error message I’m getting when I attempt to migrate my account. I recommend that you just sit tight and wait till tomorrow. If you experience other errors, check out the troubleshooting page at Apple, if you can get it to load.

Obsessive Geeks like me don’t like to be told to wait. But that apparently is the only solution, so be patient. This will all pan out over the next day or so. At least we’re not Blackberry users waiting for that service to resurface on day three of the failure –  well at least not yet!


In addition to the migration failing, I tried singing into iCloud with my primary Apple ID. I have that and a separate Mobile Me account. The free account worked well on my iPad 2, but when I started backing up my camera roll, accounts, documents and settings, the progress bar read that it would take roughly 3 hours to complete and it was growing. I don’t have that much content on my iPad.

Living close to their Maiden, NC server farm for iCloud (less than 20 miles), I looked out my window to see if a plume of smoke is rising from the distance. Not yet, but wait till everyone gets home from work and starts updating their gadgets!