My Mom Was a Geek’s Best Friend

Just a quick note, update and word of thanks here. Many GBM readers have been following my mother’s battle with cancer since last December. She finally completed her journey Thursday morning September 30 at 2:39AM. I and my sisters were with her when the end came. It was both a heart rending and beautiful moment. Mom was this geek’s best friend on a number of levels. Not because she understood any of the things that I write and talk about here on GBM. She didn’t. But because she loved seeing her children live their passions. She also didn’t understand much about the complexities of my life in the theatre, but she loved watching me travel through that as well. One of her many gifts, which she and my late father gave us, was their ability to encourage and love their childrens’ dreams and passions, regardless of their views about those passions.

Thanks to the many GBM readers who have offered prayers, warm thoughts, and kindness along this journey with my Mom. The comments and emails I received from many of you on the posts about her using the iPad were always shared with her through these last 9 months, and in her final days I read many of them to her again. They touched my heart and hers and for that my family is very grateful.

Her memorial service will be Monday at 2pm ET in Lovingston, VA at Wells Sheffield Funeral Home.