My Tablets Are Fingerprint Magnets and Look Nasty

I like a lot of things about touch interfaces on gadgets of all sizes. It’s much more natural to swipe and pinch than to type in keyboard shortcuts. And of course you can make gadgets lighter an dthinner if you eliminate a keyboard. But on thing that bugs me is how nasty touchscreens can get.

Here’s what my Motorola Xoom looks like after running through a few apps for a part two of our Motorola Xoom review. Wiping the Xoom off with a microfiber cloth quickly solves the problem, but I don’t always keep my touch devices clean and the fingerprints and dust can get quite annoying.

I often wear SCOTTEVEST jackets, which have a cleaning cloths tethered to their inner pockets. But most of the time a cleaning cloth is out of reach. A quick wipe with a T-shirt doesn’t do a whole lot of good on the Xoom or iPad. Every once in a while I’ll get serious and use a proper cleaning spray or wipe. But most of the time my touch devices are not sparkling clean.

How do you keep your touchscreen tablets clean? Do your touch-enabled tablets and phones look as bad as mine? Or do I just have particularly greasy paws? There’s gotta be a better way.