N-Trig + Fujitsu = More Multi-Touch

N-Trig, maker of multi-touch capacitive digitizers, and Fujitsu, maker of some of the finest Tablet PCs on the market, just announced a partnership that, and I quote, “will provide both the consumer and enterprise markets with the best pen and multi-touch computing experience.”

The agreement pertains to N-Trig’s next-gen chipset, which of course is supposed to be better, faster, stronger, etc., but also, they intend to push the number of possible contact points beyond our frail human limits:

The new chipset will enable 10 or more simultaneous touch points at very high refresh rates.

Granted, I can’t foresee many situations where I would or could use more than ten digits on the screen at once, but I appreciate the option. Though not stated, I think it’s pretty safe to guess this means N-Trig will be Fujitsu’s supplier for multi-touch digitizers on their tablets. Full press release via BusinessWire.