Netbook Fever: Should There Be A Cure?

I’ve largely stayed away from Netbooks, outside of reviewing them and checking them out. My wife is still running an original Asus Eee PC and seems quite content with it for the way she uses it. But there is no doubt that Netbooks, or whatever the heck we are going to call them, are attractive devices for quite a few folks. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the form factor or the concept, they just don’t fit how I work.

Loren Heiny looks to be one of those here lately. He’s using an HP Mini 1000 and has blogged up a nice post about his likes and dislikes. He says he’s got Netbook fever. Given that Rob is toting an HP Mini 1000 along with him to CES 2009 as well, I sure hope this Netbook fever thing isn’t catching. I’m juggling too many devices these days as it is. And besides, if I did get one, I’m sure my wife would quickly call it her own.