Netflix, Twitter, Other Apps Not Showing Up on Kindle Fire App Store

Amazon made a pretty big deal that the Netflix app would ship with the Kindle Fire available through their app store. But on the two Kindle Fire’s we already have here at GBM had a slight problem. At first the Netflix app doesn’t show up in searches.

I performed a few searches, went on to perform other tasks, and then came back and tried searching for Netflix again. It finally showed up on the third attempt. But another of our staff, Warner Crocker, still hasn’t been able to find Netflix in the Kindle Fire app store.

I also know for  a fact that a Bible app that I’ve been beta testing on my ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is supposed to be available in the Amazon App Store. It shows up when you search for it through the Transformer, but not via the Fire. I asked one of the company officials if he knew why it wasn’t showing up and he simple said that it should be there and doesn’t know why. He said it was hopefully “… just a matter of time.”

Search of Amazon App Store Turns Up Nothing for Some Apps

Apps that are supposed to be available on the Kindle Fire in the Amazon App Store aren't showing up

I also couldn’t find Twitter or the ESPN app, both of which were promised to be available at launch. Due to the early delivery for many people, this could all be solved tomorrow. After all, Netflix finally showed up for me.

Are you having trouble finding apps on your Kindle Fire? If so, you might want to keep searching, or wait until tomorrow.