New Google Play Store Design Boosts Usability

Android and Google hardware users now have a more streamlined interface from which to purchase music, books and Nexus devices: a redesigned Google Play Store.

The new interface, which is available today, follows many of the style guidelines used in the redesigns of other Google services in the past. That includes the color based individual store identities from the Google Play apps for Android themselves, and the same flat design from Google+. The new design also borrows the cards view from Google Now.

To make it easier for users to browse applications, the categories menu and lists of applications have all been moved just below the search bar in each Google Play Store area. To the right, users can quickly choose between managing the applications they’ve already installed on their Android device and browsing for new apps.

The newly redesigned Google Play Store for the web.

The newly redesigned Google Play Store for the web.

Google Play Apps now also features larger screenshots on each individual application’s page so that users can get a better look at each application before downloading it.

The updated Google Play Store also behaves mostly as an app itself. Just as if it’s a Android application, the store has a persistent menu on the far right hand side of the screen, allowing users to quickly browse the content that the store has to offer, an experience that’s also bolstered by the fact that pages load seamlessly. In fact, users can browse each individual area of the Google Play Store without ever needing to wait for a page to completely reload.

Google has taken this opportunity to surface often used areas that might not have a high-profile. Starting with this update, wish lists, gift card options, and Google Play credits are all on the left hand side of the screen the moment a user enters the store. This will make them easier to find for users who don’t  have a lot of experience with browsing through the Google Play Store’s settings and accounts interface.

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As a whole the design brings many of the changes that Google first released to users in the form of the Google Play application earlier this year. That update went out to all users running Android 2.2 Froyo or later.