New PDF Markup / Annotation App Coming Soon From Evernote and Foxit Software

Tablet PC users rejoice – there is a new PDF markup / annotation application coming to town and it is from Evernote and Foxit Software. I can’t share much beyond these screenshots, except to say that the PDF markup application supports context recogntion, which according to the folks at Evernote, should boost recognition for most Tablet PC users beyond the TIP and the regular version of ritePen.

Evernote is best known for their very popular notetaking application, Evernote, as well as their pen-based application ritePen. Foxit Software produces the very popular, and free, Foxit PDF Reader. It is good to see these two fine companies partner together to produce what looks to be a very exciting entry in to the PDF annotation space.

I will share more as I get more info from Evernote, and you can expect an InkShow once we get to put pen to screen on this puppy. Stay tuned!

Update: I just received two more screenshots from Evernote showing creating a PDF form and assigning recognition context to the fields. I can certainly see where this form-filling capability coupled with tablet pcs will be a boon for field force workers and the healthcare industry.