New toolkit brings Microsoft Surface development tools to Windows

If you’ve been itching to develop apps for Microsoft Surface but haven’t had the thousands in loose change necessary to buy a Surface, you’ll be happy to learn there’s a new toolkit that lets you build apps from a Windows Touch PC instead.

Updated: scratch that. the toolkit lets you use Microsoft Surface  development tools in Windows application development.  Basically just a new toolkit for Windows development, not Surface developments. Thanks again Cliff.

Per the Surface website:

Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta (NEW)
This beta package includes the advanced Microsoft Surface controls, templates, and samples to easily create applications that are optimized for multi-touch interaction and that run on Windows Touch PCs. With the .NET Framework 4.0, Windows Presentation Framework 4.0 (WPF), and this toolkit, Windows Touch developers can quickly and consistently create advanced multi-touch applications for Windows Touch PCs.  This toolkit also provides a jump-start for Surface application developers to prepare for the next version of Microsoft Surface.

BTW, I researched the input options this time and confirmed from the Microsoft Surface Blog: “The .NET 4.0 Framework and the Surface Toolkit support input devices such as mouse, stylus, and touch. With the Surface Toolkit, you can develop an application that supports various types of input.” So you should be able to get this working even without a certified touch device, though that probably hinders your testing ability considerably.

Thanks to our friend Cliff Brooks a.k.a. Feralboy for the tip, which he got from Channel 10.