New Zune Owners: Tell Us What You Think?

zune-hdWhile I”m not in the market for a new Zune HD, I’ve been following the reviews and first impressions pretty keenly. I’ve seen some glowing reviews and some knocks. Even the glowing reviews point our some issues, but to a large extent that’s to be expected. One review that caught my eye is Andy Ihnatko’s review in the Chicago Sun-Times. He seems very impressed with the new media player.

I also noted that Rob Bushway mentioned on Twitter a few days ago that his early experiences weren’t that exciting, so I’m curious as to what GBM readers who may have picked up a Zune HD think.

Sound off in the comments. Did Microsoft finally get it right with the Zune HD? Do they still have a ways to go? Is this he media player of your dreams? Curious minds want to know.