Nexus 5 Accessories Land on Google Play

The first set of Nexus 5 accessories are on the Google Play Store offering a colorful selection of cases for the new Nexus starting at $35 for a basic bumper and $50 for a flip cover for the Nexus 5.

Google is now selling the Nexus 5 on the Google Play Store for $349 and $399 for the 16GB and 32GB versions. The Nexus 5 comes in white and black, but users can add additional colors thanks to the cases.


Both of the official Nexus 5 cases are coming soon to the Google Play Store, and may also arrive in Best Buy, Radio Shack, Sprint and Amazon just like the Nexus 5 does.

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The Nexus 5 ships on November 5th, so there is still a chance that the Nexus 5 cases will arrive for order near that time. Spigen Nexus 5 cases are already shipping from Amazon.

Nexus 5 Bumper Case

The Nexus 5 bumper case is available in four colors; grey, black, red and a very bright yellow that is reminiscent of a Nokia device. the Bumper case covers the sides and back of the Nexus 5 and includes a Nexus logo on the back, to deliver a stock-like look, just in a different color.

The Nexus 5 Bumper Case comes soon.

The Nexus 5 Bumper Case comes soon.

The Nexus 5 slips into this case, which covers the buttons on the sides of the device with the same material as the case. The case weighs 19 grams and measures 142 x 74 x 10mm. The Nexus 5 measures 69.17 x 137.84 x 8.59 mm for comparison.

Google boasts that the Nexus 5 wireless charging will still work with this case on,

“With a hard outer shell and soft rubber lining the premium bumper case absorbs shocks while protecting your phone. For quick convenience, the Nexus 5 Bumper Case works seamlessly with Nexus Wireless Chargers so you can charge and go.”

Nexus 5 QuickCover Case

The LG QuickCover for Nexus 5 is available in black and white, and offers a cover that protects the front of the Nexus 5 while in use. This is similar to the LG cover for the G2 and to Samsung’s Flip Cover.

The LG QuickCover for Nexus 5 is a $50 Nexus 5 case.

The LG QuickCover for Nexus 5 is a $50 Nexus 5 case.

The Nexus 5 QuickCover is $50 on the Google Play Store and is Coming soon. Opening the case will wake the screen up to offer, “access to your basic UI without swipe unlock,”¬†according to the product page.

Nexus 5 QuickCover

Users can also wirelessly charge the Nexus 5 with the QuickCover for Nexus 5 on. Google is not currently selling a Nexus 5 wireless charger, but it will likely work with the Nexus 4 wireless charger.