No Windows Phone for Verizon Until Windows Phone 8 (Apollo)?

Things are not looking good for me and other Verizon customers wanting to get their hands on a Windows Phone. It doesn’t seem like it will be happening any time soon. I didn’t really think I would have to pay up on my  “Windows Phone Tattoo Bet” that I put out there shortly before MWC, but I didn’t think I would have to wait until Fall/Winter 2012 either.

According to The Verge yesterday, Verizon is rumored to have had a Windows Phone 7.5 Nokia phone lined up that was cancelled. Tom Warren wondered if it was AT&T announcing the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II or just the LTE support excuse. Either way, it now seems that Verizon is sitting it out until Windows Phone 8 (Apollo). This is very disappointing for those of us that actually want a Windows Phone but choose Verizon. Sprint users are in the same boat apparently.

Verizon is now expected to stock at least one Windows Phone 8 device, thought to be a future Nokia handset, once the operating system update is available later this year. We are hearing that no Windows Phone devices will be made available with Verizon LTE support until Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” is ready later this year. – The Verge

This means that I will have to continue using this tired old Samsung Galaxy Nexus unless AT&T, HTC, or Nokia decides to hook me up with a Windows Phone review unit with AT&T service included. Bummer.

The article on The Verge mentions that this rumored model that got the axe was code-named the Nokia OM and was expected to be available this past January. If that date is right and this rumor is indeed true, this would have been pretty big news at CES 2012, if not earlier. Currently Verizon only has the HTC Trophy running Windows Phone and this is the only Windows Phone model they’ve offered. The equivalent phones on US GSM carriers have been basically phased out already.

Attention Microsoft, if you want to succeed with Windows Phone, YOU HAVE TO get Verizon and Sprint involved. It’s that simple.