Nokia Booklet 3G looking less and less impressive

nokia_booklet_3g_smallLAPTOP Magazine has delivered an in-depth review of the Nokia Booklet 3G, one of the most thorough I’ve read so far, and sucks the wind out of what I think is its most attractive feature.

Its 16-cell battery lasted 8 hours and 24 minutes on our LAPTOP Battery Test (Web surfing via Wi-Fi). That’s a little more than 3 hours longer than the netbook average, but about an hour short of the Toshiba mini NB205.

8.5 hours? Awesome! An hour less than the cheaper Toshiba netbook? Not so much.The rest of the review is even less favorable. Sorry, Nokia. I could really see paying that premium for an all-day battery, but not when a very comparable (and faster) netbook lasts even longer and is available for less.