NoteSuite for iOS and OSX is Better than Apple Notes or Evernote

Thanks to iCloud and the Notes app on both iOS and OSX users can type up quick notes, but NoteSuite does the same thing and adds features like folders, inking for scribbling notes with a stylus or finger and lets users easily share those notes using third-party services.

Many people will say that Evernote already syncs notes between multiple devices, but Evernote doesn’t offer inking features on the iPad and it’s not as elegant as NoteSuite. We must resort to third-party apps that work with Evernote. NoteSuite does this all right inside the iOS app and it exports to Dropbox too.

NoteSuite now sits on our main iPad home screen, replacing Notability as the best note-taking and inking app thanks to how well it syncs our notes with the OSX app and the beautiful pen options.

NoteSuite for OSX

Upon first installing the OSX version of NoteSuite the app gives users a helpful walk through to learn more about its features. Included we learn about clipping web pages using a Safari, Chrome or Firefox plugin or extension.

notesuite clip web pages

Install the web clipping tool and start clipping pages to notes for later use. Web designers could use it on the iPad to work on their website designs. Students can save info for research.

notesuite chrome web clipper

We clipped content from our home page. Notice how users can tag the clip or add to a to-do list in NoteSuite. It doesn’t work well with the beta version of Safari, but we hope they’ll get the kinks fixed before OSX Mavericks ships.

notesuite add notes to-dos

The NoteSuite To-Do list features won’t compare to more complicated task software, but for simple To-Do lists it works great. Users can tag them by subject and add a due date. Send it to other people for collaboration.


notesuite due date


NoteSuite for OSX helps users stay organized with folders and tags.

notesuite tags

The built-in search tools make it easy to find even when we’re not as organized as we’d like.

notesuite find anything


A user can set the menu applet to load at start-up. This makes it quick and easy to create notes, to-do list items or open NoteSuite.

notesuite for osx

NoteSuite for iPad

notesuite ipad interface

The iPad version of NoteSuite replaced Notability as our go-to note taking app, because it syncs notes betwee the OSX version and the iPad version. It runs on all iPads except for the first one. Organize notes in folders and add tags, just like the OSX version.

notesuite inking

We mostly like NoteSuite’s inking features. The zoom tool represented by the hand icon above opens a handwriting window. Users can write with large strokes and Notesuite shrinks the print and puts it in place. Users can add more text to a page this way and the print looks more like regular handwriting notes on a page.

The pen color and size options exceed other tools. They look nice and make the app easy to use.

We love NoteSuite and recommend that users get it now in the iTunes App Store for $1.99 and on the Mac App Store for $4.99.

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