Office Depot dropping HP tx2 Tablet PC

A trustworthy source has shared word that Office Depot is streamlining their notebook lineup, shedding, among others, the HP tx2 Tablet PC from their offerings. This is based on the plan received at the store where our source works. Whether it is indicative of activities throughout the chain is not explicit but likely given the unified way in which corporate chain stores operate. Our source cites personal experience of the tablet price premium and inadequate in-store display areas as being hurdles to sales, but it is not known how such experiences might have affected the decision to include the tx2 in the cutback.

On the plus side, our source also notes that more netbooks will be added to the lineup, “up to 5 for a short while,” and the dv2 will also be offered. Given the state of the economy, it is easy to believe offering more netbooks is part of an effort to keep up with customers’ tighter budgets and the overall streamlining is probably, as our source puts it, a cost-cutting measure.