One Device To Tweet- That’s All

twitter_DV_20091102234221 The TwitterPeek is just the device for those who told Warner Crocker they didn’t want one device to rule them all. This mobile device lets you read Tweets and sends Tweets. Want to do something else besides use Twitter? Go buy another device.

The Twitter Peek costs $99, plus $7.95 per month for wireless service. If you really dig Twitter you can pay $199 for the device and skip those pesky monthly charges.

If TwitterPeek looks familiar to you that’s because it’s identical to the original Peek, which runs an email client instead of a Twitter client.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter came up with the idea of a dedicated device a months ago.

I think this thing is going to flop. Text-only might work for some email users, but a lot of Tweets include links to photos, videos and sites.