One upgrade success, one failure

Been meaning to give Windows 7 a try on my Tablet PC, but aside from dragging my feet over the hassle of grabbing drivers, I was running short on drive space too. Seemed like a couple of good excuses to upgrade my hard drive.

hddupgradeI previously bumped up from the 80GB 5400rpm drive in my Toshiba R25 to a Hitachi Travelstar 160GB 7200rpm drive. The new drive was working well, so I decided to go with the same model, just larger at 320GB. Bought a new one via eBay at a nice price.
My choice for copying my data over was Acronis True Image. It can be a bit glitchy at times, but overall, I find it very reliable for backing up my data – it’s saved me on a couple of occasions. Decided to get a little fancy and partition my drive three ways, one for my XP system, one for files, and one to try Windows 7. That’s where I ran into trouble.
Acronis True Image let me partition the new drive, which I attached via a SATA-to-USB adapter, but it wouldn’t let me clone my drive without wiping out those partitions. So after some trial and error, I went with a straightforward cloning with no partitioning. After swapping the drives, I installed Windows 7 on the new one and tried to use its built-in partitioning tool from there. It worked but not entirely. I could create new partitions, but even with my documents moved over to one of them, the main partition wouldn’t shrink past 140GB, leaving 90GB unused. Not what I wanted.
I moved the new drive back  to the adapter  and did some more tinkering with moving data around. I gave  the  partitioning  another shot using a utility called GParted. It was working fine until I started moving around items on my desk and tugged the cord on the adapter, halting the process and disrupting the drive. Thus, I was put back to square one.
I cloned my drive again and swapped it in, so I’m back up and running, but without Windows 7. At least not yet. Another consideration is that I’m due for a new computer next year, so I may not bother upgrading my current tablet at all.  Need to  think about it some more.