GBM Shortcut: OtterBox iPad Defender Series Case

The iPad is a lot of things, but one thing it clearly is not is rugged. OtterBox sent me an iPad Defender Series case and I’ve really enjoyed using it. In fact, I’ve only rarely removed it from my iPad since receiving it in the mail. This case adds a serious measure of durability to the iPad, which much too fragile in my opinion. Its large glass display and aluminum casing is just asking for trouble.

Here’s a quick video of me dropping the iPad on my patio. I also slid it down the sidewalk and dropped it onto my hardwood and tile floors to see what would happen. The good news is that my iPad is still in one piece. The bad news is that this case adds some serious bulk to the iPad. I posted a full review of the OtterBox iPad Defender Sereis Case over at