Paul Graham on Tablets

This is an interesting read that goes somewhat beyond the day to day noise in the Tablet/Slate/mobile device race. In my view, Paul Graham gets what the rough and tumble of today might mean for tomorrow.

The big picture isn’t about who’s winning what today even though that’s what we seem to focus on. The big picture is about who is creating the platform that will allow the innovation in areas and in ways that no one is thinking about today. He rightly says that this isn’t as much about hardware as it is about software and how it can open up possibilities. I’d argue it is about the combination of both.

Graham talks about the possibility of “tablets” replacing things we now know and to some degree depend on. That’s already happening on some fronts, depending on how you define “tablet.” And he puzzles on that definition as well. Would you think that “tablets” might replace reading glasses?

Definitely worth a read.

Contrast Graham’s thinking with Paul Thurrott’s extremely short sighted view that he recently published.