Paul Thurrott Nails It on Microsoft’s Woes

Talk about a lineage. John Gruber links to Paul Thurrott spinning off of John Dvorak’s recent column about Microsoft’s woes.  In my view Thurrott aims and hits the mark. His point(s) is that Microsoft is blowing it as it tries to play the marketing game, something I’ve argued for quite some time. Thurrott’s observations add an interesting context to Bill Gates’ recent Tablet talk don’t you think? Here’s the money quote:

And if you’re looking to copy Apple’s success–and you are–then at least do it right. It’s not about the products at all. What Apple does right is marketing. It’s form over function, plain and simple. How else could the world be so excited over an unnecessary over-sized iPod touch? Because it’s from Apple, that’s how. And the press markets it for them, and makes people believe that this is somehow a big deal. It’s a self-replicating back-patting, buddy system, plain and simple.

And you’re not part of the circle, Microsoft. How else can you explain the ginormous Windows 7 sales that get no attention, and certainly no love from Wall Street? You’ve sold over 100 million licenses of this thing in record time and all anyone can talk about are lost iPhones and the iPad. I mean, give me a break.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.