PDC 2008: Cloud Computing

image I’m watching Microsoft’s PDC 2008 live stream of Ray Ozzie’s Cloud Computing keynote and will notate important announcements here. Be sure to watch the live stream yourself. http://www.microsoftpdc.com.

  • Primarily, Ray is laying out how computing has changed over the years, and the challenges facing developers and IT professionals in managing the infrastructure in Cloud Computing. Is it different than what has been done in the past? Yes, he says.
  • Microsoft has faced similar challenges in rollouts of its own data centers and services it would need
  • Windows Azure announced to host services in the cloud — the Windows Cloud platform. Dig in here.
    • deploy / host apps to the cloud

windows azure

  • going in to the details of Azure, tailored to the developer audience
  • Showing how easy it is to develop a Hello Cloud app, test your app with a cloud on your desktop, then deploy
  • Demoing Bluehoo, a cloud based Silverlight app that will run on a phone and a browser, running on Windows Azure platform and scales. Built using C#.  
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