PenOffice 3.1 Offers OpenOffice Inking Support

image Phatware has released version 3.1 of their PenOffice software.  If you are an users with a Tablet PC, then you need to check out this update.  The new version of PenOffice now includes support for 3.0 or later documents.  That means that programs like Writer, Calc and Draw documents can now have handwritten notes and annotations! 

Using the PenOffice markup mode with applications is simple: launch the supported application, choose the markup mode from the PenOffice toolbar; then draw or write on the document’s window. When you are done writing, after a short timeout, the digital ink will be embedded into the document.

The program is $59.95 and there is also a 30 day trial if you are interested.  Check out the Phatware website for more information about PenOffice 3.1.