PlayStation Network Outage the Worst Service Outage Ever?

The PlayStation Network is coming back online according to Sony, but Sony is deservedly catching a lot of flack over the outage and its security policies. I’m a big fan of online services, but nothing serves as a reminder of how fragile the Interwebs are like an extended outage.

The PlayStation Network isn’t a service I use all that often, but I empathize with anyone that uses a PS3 on a daily basis. To some, it’s as important as Gmail and DropBox is to me.

Our friend Harry McCracken from Technologizer put together a graph to illustrate how long the PlayStation Network’s been down. Short outages can feel like torture, but the PlayStation Network outage is beyond ridiculous. In fact, it may be the longest outage of any popular web service in memory.

The PlayStation Network outage is almost double the length of the Sidekick outage that caused an uproar back in 2009.