Psion Countersues Intel in the Ongoing Netbook Naming Wars

save-the-netbooks-campaign-fights-the-impending-trademark-threatIt looks like the lawyers for Intel and Psion (and I’m guessing Dell) are keeping themselves busy in the ongoing Netbook Naming Wars. If you recall, Psion Teklogix had decided to take back its trademark on the name Netbook, long after most believe it had become a generic enough term in the mobile computing space. Dell and Intel both have filed actions to have Psion’s trademark claims rendered moot for a number of reasons, one being that Psion didn’t sell the product anymore. Psion responded that this was wrong and that they did continue to sell their products just without making much noise about it. Indeed in the suit they lay out sales figures for the last 10 years.

Now, Psion has landed another punch and filed a countersuit (PDF) to Intel’s claim. Save The Netbooks has the details, and it looks like Psion is claiming unfair trade practices and unfair enrichment, among others, in trying to get Intel’s actions dismissed. (I think you can read that part as we want some of the dough you’ve made and will continue to make.)

Psion is asking for a jury trial, but I’m still betting this will all get settled somewhere along the way once all the legal manuevering is done.