Quick Tip for iOS4.2 Update: Remove Video First to Speed Things Along

Well, some are saying the iOS4.2 update is out. Some (like me) aren’t seeing it available yet. But I’m sure it will be available soon. Regardless of when you see it in iTunes and can start the update, here’s a quick tip to make the process go a little faster.

You should make sure you perform a backup before you start the update, especially if you want to restore all of your settings. If you want to start with a clean slate, I’d recommend a backup as well. You never know what can happen with an OS update. The iPad is notoriously slow in its backup process (reminds me of early iPhone days) and if you have a lot of video on your iPad that can slow things down even more. Those files take the longest to backup.

So, to speed things along, simply remove the video before you do the backup. Once you’ve installed the update and are up and running you’re probably going to spend some time in iTunes rearranging things anyway, and that’s the perfect time to add those videos back to your iPad.