Revving Your Productivity with Android Tablets

So far, most of the productivity tests on tablets have asked if the iPad can replace the notebooks, but not many have looked at Android Honeycomb tablets. Honeycomb tablets aren’t as popular as the iPad, and save the Transformer, don’t have awesome keyboard accessories that double as a case.

Now that I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Verizon 4G LTE I wanted to really see how productive I could be with an Android tablet. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that some of the issues I experienced with Honeycomb on the G-Slate are not an issue this time around, and I can get a decent amount of work done while on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, sometimes it is even better at multitasking than using a notebook.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 shines where other tablets have failed and even bests the iPad in getting things done. Here’s why.

Multitasking Done Right

Bouncing between apps on the iPad is a chore, which limits the ability to get work done when I need to stay in touch with each rest of the team or when I need to look at content spread across multiple apps.

Android Multitasking Productivity

Android Tablets fit my work style great.

On the Galaxy Tab 10.1, it was much easier to get the laptop like experience than on the iPad. I could work on a post, jump into Google Chat, grab info from an email and communicate with the team incredibly easy.

The ability to multitask, and see notifications without leaving the app I am working in, has helped me stay on top of a busy week without the need to have a notebook with me wherever I am. The unobtrusive Google Chat notifications are much easier to keep an eye on than the annoying blinking notifications on my tab in Google Chrome. By comparison, I never use Google Chat on the iPad because I have to go check the tab for notifications, and always end up missing something important.

The snappy multitasking and ability to see what is going on without leaving my primary app  has helped me use the Tab as my primary device on several occasions. Once you embrace the switch between apps button, you can really get cooking. It doesn’t hurt that the Verizon connectivity means I can work from anywhere without using my MiFi.


I used to like solitary nature of iPad, but after using the Tab for just a few days, the switch between apps functionality on the iPad feels clunky and time-consuming. I’m still not ready to jump to Android full-time for other reasons, but the Galaxy Tab has made me a believer in Android tablets for productivity. Would I trade a notebook for an Android tablet full time? Not a chance, but I have been leaving my iPad at home more.