Samsung Ambitiously Plans to Displace Nokia as Phone Leader in 3 Years

Samsung has ambitious plans to become the world’s leading phone maker and displace Nokia, the current title holder in three years. With Android and Windows Phone 7 on the rise–Samsung is a big OEM backer of these two smartphone operating systems–and Symbian’s relevance being questioned, Nokia will need to make some major strategy decisions to maintain its position.

Unwired View says that Samsung is looking to increase its high-profit smartphone and premium devices market as it tackles worldwide market share. The phone-maker is looking to have smartphones and premium mobile devices account for half of its mobile productions, placing more emphasis on smarter devices. Another product category that Samsung will focus on is the tablet market.

The company will be increasing production at factories in China, Vietnam, and Brazil to meet demands. Factories in Samsung’s home South Korea will be focused on high-end products.

In its battle with other phone makers, Samsung’s control of the vertical components market may give it a competitive advantage over rivals like Nokia. Samsung makes displays, memory chips, mobile processors, and other components, which can help Samsung Mobile, the phone and tablet division of Samsung, be price competitive against rivals.