Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Lock Screen ByPass Secured by Lookout Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lock screen is anything but locked these days, but users don’t need to wait for Samsung and carriers to test and approve a fix for this security issue.

Like the Samsung Galaxy S3 lock screen fix, Lookout Mobile offers a quick fix that will keep quick fingered data thieves from bypassing the lock screen on the Galaxy Note 2.

The Lookout Mobile app doesn’t fix the underlying security issue with the Samsung Emergency Dialer in Android 4.1.2, but it will keep users safe for the time being.

David Richardson, senior product manager at Lookout Mobile tells Gotta Be Mobile, this issue is “limited to devices running the newer versions of Touchwiz.” Richardson and his team spent plenty of time staring at Samsung lock screens over the past few weeks to come up with a fix that could reach users faster than an official patch.

Samsung is aware of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 lock screen issues.

Samsung is aware of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 lock screen issues.

This is the latest of many lock screen bypass issues for Samsung and Apple. In this round, a dedicated hacker discovered a series of button presses and taps that allows a fast fingered fiend to install an app that disables the lock screen, without the need to know a passcode or security pattern. The process is a bit convoluted, and it may not matter to the average user, but it certainly isn’t a welcome sign to IT managers and business users who switched over to Samsung this year.

Watch the video below to see how someone can bypass the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lock screen.

Thankfully the hacker needs access to your phone, which means keeping a good eye on your device is a good offense, but if you lose your phone or it is stolen, someone could use this to access emails, accounts and more.

Users who install Lookout Mobile can avoid this issue. The Lookout Mobile app monitors the activities on the phone, and if it detects the emergency dialer is not in the foreground it will quickly re-lock the Galaxy Note 2, keeping the unauthorized user out.

Lookout Mobile is a free Android app that provides security features like those described above, and that can also track down a lost or stolen Android device, similar to Find My iPhone does for Apple devices.

Richardson believes that Samsung will patch this issue on forthcoming devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4. That said, Gotta Be Mobile recommends installing Lookout Mobile on this and other devices if only for the peace of mind that comes with tracking down a lost or stolen phone.