Samsung Galaxy S5 Display Could Feature Big Upgrade

Not only have our smartphones and tablets continued to get bigger and bigger, at least on Android, but the resolution has too, and now we’re hearing Samsung is aiming to take things up a notch.

With 1080p HD resolutions, “retina” displays and more the next logical step is to take things even further. This week SamMobile is reporting that Samsung is prepped and ready to start shipping insanely crisp 2560 x 1440 resolution smartphones early next year, possibly arriving in the upcoming Galaxy S5. It isn’t 4k yet, but surely that’s coming next.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 sports a 5-inch 1080p display offering 441 pixels per inch, which delivers a stunning visual experience and crisp text for all aspects of the phone. However, in 2014 Samsung looks to take that number even higher by getting into 550 pixels per inch and more. The term “retina display” may come to mind, but at this point the eye can barely tell the difference.

During the Samsung Analyst day earlier this month the company was reportedly talking about its next-gen displays, aside from the curved flexible screens we’ve been seeing as of late, and these super HD panels could reportedly arrive in multiple upcoming smartphones throughout 2014. Sources state Samsung’s Galaxy S5 may be first, but given they’ll need millions and millions for the popular handset, these high-res phones might not make a debut until the Galaxy Note 4.

Another important factor here is Samsung bringing its AMOLED displays to tablets, which we haven’t seen except on a few very limited products. Offering full HD Super AMOLED displays on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 could also be in the cards. We don’t know Samsung’s exact plans yet, but surely more details will be coming soon as we approach 2014.

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For those excited to see what’s next from Samsung Display, we’ll likely get a up close hands-on look at new tablets, smartphones, and screen technology at CES this January in Las Vegas. Expect some extra high resolution smartphones to take the Android market by storm early next year.