Samsung Galaxy Tab Bluetooth Stylus Details Pop Out

I’m guessing Samsung doesn’t quite feel the way Steve Jobs does about using a stylus. At least after seeing this post from Engadget linking to this morning. Apparently details are starting to pop out on a Galaxy Tab Bluetooth Stylus.

Looks like the UK price is set at £49.99. Though not officially announced by Samsung yet, it looks like a capacitive stylus and that it is Bluetooth multi-point capable, allowing you to connect it to two devices simultaneously. Apparently it can also allow you to accept and reject phone calls.

Note that both the link and Engadget focus on handwriting recognition as a feature. Of course Apps will have more to say about that then the stylus. But then again, everyone knows that Digital Inking on Tablets and Slates only works when you use it for handwriting recognition.

Gosh, I hope we don’t live through that all over again because, you know, it worked so well the last time around.