Samsung Hires Protestors To Tell Apple Fans To “Wake Up” (Update)

Samsung’s obsession with Apple is getting worse as the company is now hiring marketing agencies to stage protests outside Apple stores in Australia.

According to Mumbrella, courtesy of Android and Me, the marketing agency Pulse dispatched a group of protesters to stand outside Apple stores chanting at those inside to “wake up.” The protesters didn’t mention why Apple fans need to “wake up” or what they’re waking up from. Presumably they’re supposed to wake up from whatever trance Apple has them in so they can buy Samsung devices.

Update: According to SlashGear, Samsung denies any involvement in the “wake up” campaign.

Video blogger Blunty captured video of one group protesting outside a Sydney Apple store. He seems genuinely confused at the overall message.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has taken jabs at Apple. Most recently, the manufacturer hinted that Apple users are “sheep” for using their platform of choice in a teaser for the Galaxy S III. The ad doesn’t mention Apple specifically, but it’s the only company Samsung has gone after recently.

Before that teaser, Samsung attacked Apple in its popular “Samsunged” ads. The ads showed Apple fans waiting in line for the next iPhone with Samsung users walking past showing off their phones. The ads are most memorable for the ridiculously over-the-top Galaxy Note Super Bowl commercial and the “Dude, you’re a barista” line.

Samsung insists on using the stereotype of Apple fans as mindless followers who just buy whatever product the company releases. With other Android manufacturers like HTC losing money and Windows Phone still struggling, Apple is Samsung’s main competition at the moment.

Samsung doesn’t seem to understand the irony of its ads, though. Yes, iPhone users wait in line for the next iPhone when it launches, and Apple sells millions of smartphones. Samsung, however, also sells millions of phones. In February we heard the company sold 20 million Galaxy S II smartphones in 10 months, and shipped 5 million Galaxy Notes.

It is rare to see long lines outside stores for Samsung devices. Except for the time Samsung opened a pop-up store down the street from an Australian iPhone store when the iPhone 4S launched. The pop-up store saw long lines because it was selling a limited number deeply discounted Galaxy S II phones.

Samsung’s numbers don’t quite equal Apple’s 35 million iPhones in a single quarter, but they’re still pretty high. One could argue that Samsung has its own flock of sheep that it sells to.

Perhaps Samsung just want “iSheep” to “wake up” and become GalaxySheep.