How to Setup iOS 7 on iPhone & iPad (Video)

The iOS 7 update delivers a new user experience on the iPhone and iPad, offers a brand new look for Apple’s software as well as a number of new features.

After you install the iOS 7 update, the iPhone will reboot and continue the final parts of installation before rebooting to a small iOS 7 setup screen.

Don’t worry there isn’t a lot to setting up IOS 7 on the iPhone or iPad if you’ve previously used the device, but you will need to know your PIN and your Apple ID and Apple password to complete the setup without any lingering steps to finish up later.

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When you restart the iOS 7 upgraded device you will get a message that the iOS 7 update is complete, barring any iOS 7 installation errors, you will see this scree about 30 minutes after you start the process, but it could take longer depending on the demand for iOS 7.

iOS 7 Setup Video

The video above walks through the last steps for installing and setting up iOS 7. If you have a pass code enter it to get started, and you’ll get to use the new lock screen for the first time.

Next up we recommend turning on Location Services. This will let the iPhone or iPad share it’s location with apps and other apps that deliver customized search results, weather and more.

When you do this it will ask for your Apple ID password to complete the setup of iCloud. Go ahead and enter it, or hit skip if you need to do it later.

Next, choose which phone numbers and email addresses the iPad or iPhone should use for iMessage and FaceTime. In our experience this brought over all of the contact details on the device with iOS 6. This is especially important because of the new FaceTime Audio calls, which deliver vastly improved call quality and don’t use minutes.

You’re almost done. Turn on Find my iPad or Find my iPhone to make sure that thieves can’t erase your device and to help you track it down if it is lost or stolen.

After that step, iOS 7 is installed and you are on the home screen. Apple pops up one last notification to show you how to use Spotlight on iOS 7. The video below highlights many of the best iOS 7 features.