Short Memories on Tablet Design History

Tablets these days are slates. Thinner is better. Size is between 7 inches and 12 inches or so. The iPad defined the current market and others are either following along or trying to do their own thing. In the heady rush that has been the last two “Years of the Tablet,” it is often easy to write off earlier Tablets as failures or just ignore that little bit of history. But there are those of us who remember some of the designs of Tablets back before technology advanced to a point where they could be designed to look like what we call Tablets today.

I noticed this morning that a couple of Mac sites had picked up on a site called Obama Pacman that purported to lay out a little design history of Tablets. I guess they didn’t bother looking too deeply. To be fair the original post’s intent I think was talking about the design and patent issues that are bedeviling the industry currently.

Here’s a collection of some past Tablets that some of us have known and loved. It’s certainly not an all inclusive list, but it offers some perspective. See if you can guess which Tablets are which. (Of course some of these are just too easy.)