Show Off Your Tablet PC / Laptop Sticker Love

I love personalizing my Tablet PC with various stickers. In my opinion, they kind off show off a person’s personality and what they are in to, where they’ve been, etc. As you can tell from the back of my Tablet PC, I’m kind of conflicted — I’m a Mac and I’m a PC. Yeah, I’m the best of all worlds!

We wanna see the back of your Tablet PC / Netbook / Laptop — is it naked, is it plastered with stickers, are you conflicted as well, does your tablet look like a passport showing off all the places you’ve visited?  Show us your stuff and we may end giving you your very own I’m A PC sticker.

We’ve got 20 I’m A PC stickers to give away, so post your picture up to this forum page, and we’ll pick some random winners from now until we decide it is over.