Sony Getting Ready to Make Mobile Play

Sony is readying its move to try and capture some attention in the mobile space according to the Wall St. Journal. The sleeping (and lumbering) consumer electronics giant is getting ready to unveil some devices this year that it hopes keep it in play as the gadget world falls head over heels in love with mobile.

Supposedly this is a new lineup of handheld devices one of which is a phone that will be capable of downloading Play Station Portable games. Another is supposed to blur the distinction between netbooks, e-Readers, and Play Station Portables. As if this market didn’t have enough blurry lines to begin with.

Sony is readying a new online media service set to debut later this month, and of course these devices are going to be aimed at using that service. Sony has seen down times of late and obviously needs to make a comeback. I’m guessing this isn’t going to help Sony’s case much as it sounds more like a scramble to keep up and keep relevant than anything else.