Source: Office Depot Holds Back Laptop Stock if You Don’t Buy the Extra Goodies

od-exterior-i Our friends at Laptop Mag sent us a heads up on this report and boy, if this is true, it sure is depressing. Quoting some former Office Depot workers, it appears that floor associates would tell a customer that the Laptop they were interested in purchasing was out of stock, if that customer wasn’t interested in buying add-ons like extended warranties or tech services.  We all know how sales folk push these things, but there’s some interesting revelations from the responses to this.


““I have witnessed lying about the availability of a notebook, and have been told to do so myself,” Rich told us. ” Once I was talking to the customer and, while I am actually speaking, my manager comes on the radio and tells me to say it is out of stock if they aren’t getting anything with it.  I always ignore him and sell it anyway because lying to the customer is flat-out wrong.”

Apparently sales associates don’t get a commission on a laptop sale unless they manage to sell the add-ons and the performance grading suffers if a store doesn’t push the highly profitable services. To be fair, Avram Piltch, who wrote the Laptop Mag post, and his team, did some undercover work and came up with an opposite result in their one attempt, so there’s no proof that this is a company-wide infection. The implications are certainly not what you would call customer friendly. Read the entire report here.