Sponsor Needed for Biggest, Baddest Head to Head Netbook Video Review Ever

We want to do a head to head video review between the following netbooks – in one big video review: Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook, Lenovo S10, Acer Aspire One, HP Mini 1000, Samsung NC10, Toshiba NB100, the Asus 901 Eee PC, and possibly others. We want to compare the keyboards, the webcam, the screens, the weight, typing speeds, the standard battery life, the size, and more. Wouldn’t that be a heck of a video review?

We’ve had some of the units in at various times, but never all at one time, and in one place, in order to pull off such a head to head review. If your company is interested in sponsoring this video review for us, getting some fantastic press, and making a lot of mobile pc readers happy, contact me at rob@gottabemobile.com.