Sprint Brings Back Mail-In Rebates, With A Twist

Remember back in July when we heard that Sprint would be bringing back mail-in rebates on July 24th? Yeah, that didn’t happen. Unfortunately, it did happen today, August 18th. That’s right, Sprint has announced that it has brought back mail-in rebates with a little bit of a twist.

So, this is how it works. If you buy a Sprint phone with a mail-in rebate attached to it, you’ll send that in and instead of getting a check back as was the norm when Sprint had mail-in rebates, you’ll instead get a American Express Prepaid Reward Card that can be used at millions of locations around the United States.

After receiving the card, you’ll have six months until a $3 monthly fee is applied. Checks used to expire a few months after being issued, so this actually is probably a lot better for those of you who actually remember to send in your mail-in rebates.


Sprint says the benefits of this new program include:

  • Faster rebate processing
  • Immediate use of funds when customers receive the card in the mail and activate
  • Card may be replaced if lost or stolen
  • No fees for activation, balance inquiries or customer service

The program, I believe, is now in effect so if you’re thinking about getting a new Sprint phone, you’re probably going to have to deal with a mail-in rebate instead of an instant one.