SugarSync Improves Cloud Sharing, Collaboration

SugarSync announced that users can now sync folders and files with other users. The new multi-user files and folders can be accessed on just about any device, making it easy for teams to collaborate and backup their work.

One nice feature of this service is that only the originator of the shared folders and files has to pay for the storage. Some services require each user to pay for space used. This can come in handy, for example, when working on large multimedia projects with external clients. Simply getting third parties to install and use a cloud collaboration service can be a pain, getting them to pay for the service can be all but impossible.

Changes to shared folders on SugarSync are tracked and users can retore files and folders to the last five versions.

SugarSync accounts are available from $4.99 per month (30GB) to $24.99 per month (250GB).