SugarSync Mobile Device Management Lets You Push Files to iPhone & iPad

SugarSync is upping the game in mobile device file management, making it easier than ever to send files to your iPhone via the web interface. The new Mobile Device Management feature is rolling out to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and will soon be coming to the Android and BlackBerry devices.

With the new Mobile Device Management feature of SugarSync, you no longer need to have your device at hand to know what files are on it or to make sure that files get to it. You can login to the SugarSync web interface and view the files you currently have synced to the iPhone. If you need to add another file, you can upload a new file from your desktop or from your shared files and push them to your iPhone. After files upload you will get a push notification on your iPhone which leads you to a download screen. When these files download, they are available offline as well.

This new function may seem like a small thing, but when you take into account the hassles of checking which files you have on a mobile device — pulling your device off the charger, opening an app, scrolling through files, checking the version — to using the web interface to push new files to your device the simplicity shines through. We can’t wait for the new feature to push over to Android, where we already love the photo sync backup tool.

SugarSync offers 5GB of free storage with a new account and the ability to gain more storage by getting your friends to sign up. You can check out our SugarSync review here which highlights some of the other great features and why you might choose SugarSync over Dropbox.