Tablets Tablets Everywhere But We Still Have to Wait and See

CES 2011 is done and the Tabletalozza, or whatever the tech press was calling it. still leaves us with more questions than it does answers. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Already this morning I’ve seen lists of Tablets to be on the lookout for published all over the Internet. Engadget has one and Kevin Tofel has posted one as well.

The fun (maybe, maybe not) about this is that everything is still ripe for speculation as many of these Tablets depend on Google’s next version of Android, some depend on a Windows 7 implementation, and two depend on other operating systems. (That would be HP and RIM.) And of course there is a new iPad just around the corner as well.

How will this all shake out? Too early to tell in all honesty and anyone who tells you different is blowing smoke up your chimney. Some will have success, some will fail, some may not even make it to market. But here are the ones that in my opinion are going to be the subjects of more blog posts than you can count.

Android Tablets

Windows 7

The Others

I don’t dismiss any of the other Tablets unveiled at CES 2011 or to be unveiled in the next few months. There may be surprises galore ahead. That said, I wouldn’t expect any of those not listed (0r for that matter any of those listed) to all be big players next year this time. We may live in interesting times, but sometimes interesting can be defined as trying to sort through the promises and the realities.