That Old Printer and Ink Scam

Printer_cartridges250We all know that companies that manufacture printers try to scam us when it comes to ink and toner. You’ve heard the razor and blades stores before how ink and toner cartridges report that it is time for change long before the ink an toner has run out. We’ve also seen various solutions to refill ink cartridges and outfox the sensors on these devices. Heck, even the printer companies are fighting back to protect their gold mine, claiming that some of these methods violate copyright. And of course there are those articles that claim Printer Ink costs more than the price of oil.

Farhad Manjoo on Slate has written a neat piece, Take That, Stupid Printer!, that points to several methods of fighting back. By using one of these methods he managed to extend the life of his Brother printer by eight months. Definitely worth a read.