The Curious Pricing of 3G Data Plans

Have you ever scratched your head in wonder or frustration or anger at how 3G data plans are priced by the carriers? It often seems like a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma to quote Winston Churchill.

Certainly there’s no consistency and to be frank, my opinion is that is just the way the carriers like it. They love to create a fog around their plans to keep consumers off balance. That’s why I gave them an Ink Blot Award this year.

Well if you want to know just how all over the map pricing ranges and what the carriers charge per megabyte of data you might want to check out this interesting article from Infoworld. It shows that there is no such thing as a standard when it comes to pricing data (not that anyone say there has to be), and that what a MB costs over here isn’t the same as what it costs over there. Figuring it out is almost like shopping in some bizarre middle eastern bazaar, the only problem is you don’t get to negotiate.

Note that corporate customers pay less per MB of data than consumers do. There’s a table that lays it all out for you and it is well worth taking a look at. With 4G (or what passes for 4G) about to roll out in various sectors across the US look for more of this kind of confusion to be the norm. If you can call it a norm.